Frequently asked questions and answers

We aim to provide all parts you need in a single package at affordable prices.

What does Each FactoryLinks Kit Include?
Each kit contains all the necessary components (bearings, seals, pins, spacers, collars, thrust washers, thrust bearings) needed to rebuild each system or component.
How are FactroryLinks kits compare to OEM parts?
Our kits meet OEM standards in terms of quality, durability, and fit. In some cases manufacturers may use caged needle bearings, whereas when technically possible, we provide Full Complement bearings. This type of bearing can withstand much higher loads and shocks; it spread loads better, and therefore brings better handling. Our wheel bearings kits use a double-lip oil seal design where as the OEM may be a single-lip oil seal.
Does the Linkage Kit include the Lower Shock Bearing?
Yes – Most of the kit include the lower shock bearing.
Is there anything required prior installing my kit?
Yes, and this is a vital for the lifespan of your links, in the case of sealed Ball Bearings, they come fully lubricated. With Full Compliment and Caged Needle Bearings, it’s required to apply some low temperature grease into the needles of the bearings, (make sure that grease makes its way in). When it comes to spherical Bearings, if the sphere of the bearing is chrome, no need to lubricate this bearing, they are Teflon coated. If it is black in color, use a high quality, low temperature grease and work the bearing, turning the inner race in every direction, to fully coat the metal surface of the bearing.
Where Can I Buy FactoryLinks Bearing Kits?
Our kits are available at thousands of dealers throughout the World.
I am either a supplier or distributor and I would like to become a FactoryLinks' partner, what should I do?
Please visit our cloud based FactoryLinks Partner's Portal, and get free 24x7 full access to comprehensive and dedicated management systems.